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my Rhythm

Adults often ask children "What do you want to be when you grow up?" My answer, although constantly changing, consisted of a myriad of careers with Actor always in the #1 spot.

Ballerina was usually somewhere in the mix but my heart was set on Actor.

Well, growing up where I did, Theatre was not readily accessible to me, especially in elementary school. So to fill my desire of being a star on the stage, I started dancing in an after-school program. Catching me completely off guard, dance gave me a full-body expression just as freeing as acting. I'd officially loved dance about as deeply as acting. Essentially it is acting, using the body as the voice. Outside dance schools were too expensive so I kept it as a main extra-curricular until high school where I made sure it was my physical education credit all 4 years. From there I was able to continue my practice with classes and private sessions during my undergraduate experience.


With a foundation of modern & classical ballet, my style has become a version of contemporary ballet. Over the years, dance has become a sacred expression of my heart, mind, & soul, telling a new story with each experience. Whether a free flow or a choreographed piece, I set my intention, let the music flow through me, and let my body do the rest. 


Foundation | Alicia Smith, 2yrs.

Development | Kimberly Liddell-Love, 4yrs.

Skill Strengthening | Anthony Smith, 4yrs. 

Movement Flow | Jill Echo, 2yrs.​


A Boy's Room

Directed x Brandi Nicole McLeain

Written x Roderick Woodruff

Featured in ANTFEST x ArsNova

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